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August 24, 2009


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susan lesburg

Hiya Karen
Try golf gloves, a size too small, in the fall and early spring. It's another layer of skin that's not yours! Granted, you look like Mickey Mouse, but it promotes hard skin without the preliminary blisters.
Keeping your hands moisturized (Aveeno Intensive Hand Cream) and rubbing off the outermost layers to keep down the excess of dead skin seems to prevent the worst insult... a blister UNDER a callous.
Love the blog!

Steve Zimmerman


Great to see you posting on here again! I am grateful for all the knowledge you share, it is very helpful with my technique.

Regarding blisters and athletic tape... I like to fold the first centimeter of tape over to make non-adhesive surface to place on the blisters on my fingers. The key part is putting a dab of Neosporan on the tape surface and blister before wrapping...this method significantly reduces pain.


Steve Zimmerman

Karen Chenausky


Nice to hear from you. I love your tip about making a little band-aid with your athletic tape. That's especially important if the blister has broken and you don't feature having to pull sticky tape off of a raw wound. I also like the Neosporin or Bacitracin idea, too, especially on those days in Boston when it's recently rained and the fecal coliform levels in the river are high.

Thanks for the comment!

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