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August 10, 2009


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Karen, I love your blog and am glad to see that you're back at it. The posts on Proxies and Training by Pace are really interesting to me because they get at why I've always loved the erg so much. Training by splits is really motivating for me, but I've never really cared much about splits on the water because I never knew what to aim for and just went by perceived effort. So I'm eager to give this a try with my HOCR training.
Kick me if this is answered in your posts, but can you give some guidelines for determining goal splits based on the 20' or 30' on the water test? How many seconds should be added for the different category levels? I've particularly struggled with figuring out how hard SS should be.
Thanks for writing!


Karen Chenausky

Hey Joy!

Wow, you like the erg. Interesting.... I thought it would be because you are so tall, and therefore can do really well. Not that I'm jealous. No, not at all.

The way you do a 20' on-water or on-erg test and get your splits is relatively easy (except for doing the actual test). The second hardest part is remembering to shut your timer off right after twenty minutes.

Then you calculate or find your average split (time per 500m) from that piece.
Category VI (easy steady state) is 13 seconds slower than your average
Category V (vigorous steady state) is 8 second slower
Category IV (~head-pace) is 2 seconds slower
Category III (~2K pace) is 2 seconds faster
Category II and Category I can be determined from the average, but it's not that accurate or needed, since these are usually all-out for the distance or time (2'/500m and <30", respectively). You can find more information in Ed McNeely's book "Training for Rowing."

If you want to do this kind of training, give yourself a rest-and-test week every 6 weeks (5 weeks on, 1 week off). During that off week, no more than 30' of easy steady state per day, except for the day when you redo your 20' piece.

Can't wait to see how you do this year!


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