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June 21, 2012


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Eugene Beatty

Karen, welcome back. We've been waiting and rowing with bated breath, and relaxed shoulders. Actually, we've been:

(1) getting the grip right,

(2) letting the weight of the oars determine their depth at the catch so as not to press the blades deeper than they should be,

(3) trying to keep the upper body upright on the recovery and at the catch,

(4) trying to keep pressure against the pins on the drive and recovery,

(5) toggling between the Karen Chenausky method of just letting the forearms relax and the Gordon Hamilton method of acting like you’re raising yourself out of a pool with your arms to accomplish the release,

(5) debating whether the heels should be flat on the foot board at the catch,

and (6) following the authors’ advice in Younger Next Year and using a heart monitor when rowing, erging and biking.

I’ve had the most success with (1) and (6).


Gene Beatty
Arley, AL


Ah, I can't wait to try this out. Finding that firm catch with a bit of backsplash seems like cake in an eight now. The beast I am after is doing it in the single and your article here is excellent. First of all, it is hilarious, so even if I didn't find it technically useful and physiologically explicit (which I did), at least I am now in a chipper mood about the catch.


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