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July 16, 2012


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Hi Karen,

Thanks for this follow-up on steering. (By the way, those who are new to your blog might find it helpful if you continued to link to your previous posts on topics when you revisit them. Just an idea.) The image of steering by connecting dots is very useful. I also find it useful to remember that it takes a couple of strokes to adjust course. Otherwise, I've found myself reacting a bit too late to obstacles even though I saw them and worked to avoid them. I heartily endorse the recommendation to still look around even if one uses a mirror. The mirror can give a false sense of security. Anyway, I've been combining looking around during the drive, checking my wake at the finish, and then looking in the mirror during the recovery. I've found I still need to work on focusing on what exactly to look at in the mirror, since there's actually quite a lot of information there.

Looking forward to your next post!


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